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Being Successful In Taxidermy

Posted by Bo 12-16-2019

How many years was you in business before your taxidermy business really took off? Our first year we took in 3 deer, 2nd year 4 deer, 3 year 7 deer, 4th year 7 deer, 5th year 12 deer, 6th and 7th year 16 deer. We are in a small town and we don’t really advertise other then Facebook and word of mouth from our customers. Curious as to how long it has taken others to build a full time taxidermy business. And what has been y’all’s most successful advertisement? We dream of the year we break the 50 deer mark

Finishing A Squirrel Mount

Posted by Craig 12-13-2019

Ok I know this is a beginner question, I’ve mounted deer but never squirrels, and just did my first. What finish work is required on these little things? I can’t find anything online about the finish work on them.

Deer Ticks Everywhere!

Posted by Waylen 12-15-2019

What’s y’alls go to for skinning out fresh deer and not having 10 ticks crawl up your arm. Skinned one out today and had em crawling everywhere. I usually put them in the freezer for a week or 2 but I’m falling behind and freezer is full so if their fresh I’m trying to get them skinned but once the first one I see is on my arm I feel like their everywhere

A Couple Of Deer Mounts Done

Posted By Bob 12-13-2019

Couple of Ala. deer mounted up this week. First time using these “steppin out” Mannikins from Revolution. I’m not to crazy about having part of the legs on any mount. But, these seem to have a little more “flow” to them . You know, when they first opened up, they bragged about their symmetry and quality. Well, the foam sucks. Soft as heck . Symmetry……..not good ! But, with all that being said, they didn’t come out to bad.

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”  I’ve signed up, I hope someone will be ready and willing to help me out if and when i need it! 🙂 I’ve never tried a taxidermy mentorship program before but lets give it a go! .” ~Brittany

Good news for everyone! We have added a taxidermy mentorship program to the Taxidermy Lab Facebook Group so you can build skills and share knowledge with another member of our community. This a trial program and we will see how it goes.

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