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First Red Fox Pedestal Mount

Posted by Mike 02-01-2020

Red Fox Pedestal Mount

Looking for ways to improve. Just finished my first fox pedestal mount. Still drying but wanted some critiques. Thank you in advance. I know some of the pictures aren’t that good. Sorry.

The Makings Of A Fox Shoulder Mount

Posted by Ben 02-04-2020

I’ve been trying to make a quick kit fox shouldermount form. Started with a few blocks of foam today and got it mostly done to make a cast. Just need to coat it all so the mold doesn’t stick to it. It’s a lot better than my first attempt at making a form at least. Not sure how well it’ll look mounted yet, and I’ll likely have to fix proportions but for now I’m just learning, any advice would be appreciated, this is my first time making more than just a head from scratch.

Elk Mounting In Progress

Posted by Bob 01-31-2020

Elk Taxidermy

Mounted this cool little rag horn elk today. I do believe that they are my favorite critter to mount. They have a neat balance of power and elegance . PS, took the pic before I stapled the skin to the backboard .

A Couple Of Deer Mounts Done

Posted By Bob 12-13-2019

Couple of Ala. deer mounted up this week. First time using these “steppin out” Mannikins from Revolution. I’m not to crazy about having part of the legs on any mount. But, these seem to have a little more “flow” to them . You know, when they first opened up, they bragged about their symmetry and quality. Well, the foam sucks. Soft as heck . Symmetry……..not good ! But, with all that being said, they didn’t come out to bad.

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