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Installing a Brad Eppley Whitetail Deer Replacement Nose

If you are looking to up your game in whitetail deer taxidermy and are not offended nor turned off by a little innovated snap on taxidermy, then I have something to share with you. It’s called the Brad Eppley Whitetail Deer Nose and is rated as the best commercial or competition replacement deer nose offered on the market.  If you haven’t already guessed it, Brad Eppley had a say about the designed and production of this whitetail deer replacement nose.

Originally designed for McKenzie 6900 series deer manikins, this whitetail deer replacement nose will also work on most deer forms being sold on the market today. The Brad Eppley whitetail deer replacement nose is so accurate in anatomy, I keep one around in the shop just for reference. The nostril details and septum are remarkably dead on to an actual live deer as far as the contour, shape and depth goes. However these noses will set you back about 15 bucks (pun intended)  and are sold through McKenzie Taxidermy Supply, located on page 658 of the 2018 catalog. Or you can just order and buy online here.

Whitetail deer replacement noses are used by hundreds of taxidermists around the country every season. It’s not some new gimmick and whitetail deer replacement noses have been around for years.  Not all my deer mounts will get a whitetail deer replacement nose. Its only when I determine that the original nose on the manikin will need alteration due to something on the nose being out of whack. Or there are times I just want to use a replacement nose. There really is no rhythm or rhyme on why to use a whitetail deer replacement nose. I know taxidermists that will only use a whitetail deer replacement nose on all of their deer mounts. I also know taxidermists that despise them and will probably de-friend you off from Facebook if you use one. The bottom line is you do what works for you and what makes you and your clients happy.

So without further commotion let’s install a whitetail deer replacement nose. This operation can be done with a set of measuring calipers but I prefer to use my contour gauge as you will see in the pics that follow below. You can buy a contour gauge from most hardware stores or any home improvement supply company. I got mine from Ace Hardware.

The whole process should take you under an half hour depending how well the nose adapts to the form and how well you made your cuts. I hope you enjoyed this little tip and don’t forget to join our Facebook Group to learn and share any and all taxidermy.


By CJ Herring

CJ Herring has been practicing taxidermy for 22 years and resides in the hills outside of Cooperstown, New York. A crippling and disabling brain tumor took control of his life in early 2018. In 2019 CJ took a major turn for the worse and was diagnosed with Acromegaly and underwent brain tumor removal in 2020. CJ also suffers from end stage Osteoarthritis within his entire body. In 2021 CJ began his journey with total hip replacement. CJ continues to write about taxidermy and still manages the day to day operations of the Taxidermy Lab Facebook group.