Deer Taxidermy

Slow Drying Your Deer Mounts

Here at the lab we always want the eyes and face to be the last to dry on our mount. This gives us time to adjust/taxi the eyes, nose and bottom lip to our liking, plus work on other projects without worrying about missing the boat on eye adjustment etc…. Also the slower you let these areas dry the less shrinkage you will encounter. How we accomplish this is by wrapping the face in Saran Wrap followed by checking these areas daily until the mount is fully dried.

By CJ Herring

CJ Herring has been practicing taxidermy for 22 years and resides in the hills outside of Cooperstown, New York. A crippling and disabling brain tumor took control of his life in early 2018. In 2019 CJ took a major turn for the worse and was diagnosed with Acromegaly and underwent brain tumor removal in 2020. CJ also suffers from end stage Osteoarthritis from the hips down. CJ continues to write about taxidermy and still manages the day to day operations of the Taxidermy Lab Facebook group.