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Taxidermists Can Receive Counterfeit Money

Protecting Your Business From Counterfeit Money Transactions

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Counterfeit Money
Real Counterfeit Bills Seized in New York

If you run a taxidermy #business more than often you’re dealing with cash. If you only accept money cash for payment then you are more than likely to receive counterfeit #money at one point in your career. The chances of your customer knowingly and deliberately passing you off counterfeit money are zero to none. Most likely the counterfeit bill was passed off to them prior to arriving at your business. They don’t have a clue its counterfeit. It’s up to you as a business person to know if you are receiving counterfeit money for your services.

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By CJ Herring

CJ Herring has been practicing taxidermy for 22 years and resides in the hills outside of Cooperstown, New York. A crippling and disabling brain tumor took control of his life in early 2018. In 2019 CJ took a major turn for the worse and was diagnosed with Acromegaly and underwent brain tumor removal in 2020. CJ also suffers from end stage Osteoarthritis from the hips down. CJ continues to write about taxidermy and still manages the day to day operations of the Taxidermy Lab Facebook group.

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